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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Are you (or your partner) waking up tired?

One third of your life is spent sleeping, so a good night’s rest assists you in being as productive as you can be with the rest of your life.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is characterised by loud snoring, tiredness upon waking, excessive daytime sleepiness, choking or gasping during sleep, sore or dry throat on waking.

Snoring essentially occurs when airway muscles fail to function normally, this causes very loud vibrations to resonate whenever air passes through the soft palate at the side of the throat. If the tongue also falls back over the airway and breathing stops, apnoea is occurring. For people experiencing these conditions rest assured that they are correctable. There are various factors that can contribute to snoring and sleep apnoea, these include;

  • Having weak throat muscles causing the throat to close when sleeping
  • A misaligned jaw can have the same effect by creating tension in oral muscles
  • Alcohol consumption, or
  • Being overweight which leads to an even greater chance for fat to gather in and around the throat

If you have tried numerous techniques that have failed and are looking to wake up refreshed from a quality nights rest, LARA dental can offer you experienced advice. With correct assessment we can help to identify the causes of your snoring and sleep apnoea. In most cases a special oral snoring device may be suggested to assist. This is a relatively inexpensive snoring mouthpiece device (also known as a mandibular advancement splint) that is tailor-made and fitted to wear while sleeping which has the additional benefits of helping you to avoid expensive surgery and is more comfortable than using a c-pap machine.

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